Your client has been injured or detrimentally affected by a product or incident, and has come to you for help. Where can you get an air bag tested to determine the driver of the car? Do you need to determine toxic exposure levels in your client due to product ingestion or their occupation? Where can you test a questionable product for drugs or heavy metals? Call your local cabotlab.
Cabotlab supports the legal community by providing:
Forensic DNA Testing
Forensic Toxicology
Drug Testing and Alcohol Testing
Testing Unknown Substances, as well as Unknown Poisons and Toxins
Re-Testing Evidence
Heavy Metals Testing
And More
WHY USE cabotlab®?

Convenient, work-friendly hours, including Saturdays
Personnel are trained to follow stringent chain-of-custody protocols
Transparent pricing with no additional fees for specimen collections
One business partner that can fulfill all of your DNA testing, drug and alcohol testing and other toxicology testing needs, including forensic services
Our laboratory partners are accredited and/or certified by the agencies you require
Fast test results
Whether it is a class action suit or individual case, contact us for more information and immediate assistance.