College Students

Where do you go when you need discreet lab testing? The Student Health Center – maybe not. Get to Cabot Lab.
You may be young, but burning the midnight oil too many nights in a row can wear on your overall health and wellness. And let’s admit it – not all of that “burning the midnight oil” is from studying. Are you checking yourself for STDs regularly to make sure you and your partner are protected? If you are enrolled in a healthcare-related study program, you may need specific lab tests to apply for school. Maybe you just need a shot of energy to get you through mid-terms and finals with B-12.
Cabot Lab offers confidential, discreet and fast lab tests to college students, including:
Sexually-transmitted disease testing (STDs)
Pregnancy tests
Paternity tests
Allied health lab testing services, including MMR titers and Varicella titer
for proof of immunization
Drug screens
B-12 shots to promote increased energy
General health and wellness
And more!
Cabot Lab is the perfect solution for college students.
Affordable, and you know what the price is upfront
Discreet and confidential
School-friendly hours, including Saturdays
No appointment necessary
We accept your physician’s order, or will provide a doctor’s order for you
Convenient – near where you live, work, go to school and shop