Drug Test

Who do you trust for drug and alcohol testing? Come in to Cabot Lab.
Our medical assistants are trained to collect specimens, and follow strict chain-of-custody protocols so you can trust the test results. Whether you need to do a 5 panel urine test, 12 panel urine drug test, 10 panel drug test urine or even a special healthcare drug testing panel, we can help. Our drug testing menu includes:
Rapid drug screens for fast answers
Lab-based drug tests, including alternative specimens such as
Hair follicle drug tests
Drug testing with nails
Oral fluid (saliva) drug screens
Rapid or Lab-based screens for fake marijuana
Nicotine/cotinine (tobacco use) test
Comprehensive Date Rape Panel
Unknown Substance Analysis
Whatever the reason, Cabot Lab offers a drug screening option for you or your business. We even offer drug tests for different drug detection periods, from recent use up to six (6) months, by using specimens such as oral fluid, urine, hair and even nails for drug testing. Schedule An Appointment online, or just walk in – it’s that easy.
As an individual customer, you maintain complete control of the test results, so your results are discreet and confidential. If you do not need a legally-admissible test result, you can even bring in the specimen you collected yourself for testing. Need to set up a random drug testing program for your employees, teen or other family member? Call us today and we’ll set up your employer account.
Did you know:
Americans consume 60% of the world’s production of illegal drugs?¹
More than half (57%) of employers conduct drug tests on all job candidates?²
Prescription and over-the-counter medications account for most of the top drugs abused by high school students?³
More employers are testing for nicotine to determine individual employee health insurance rates?

¹Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) and Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA)
²American Council for Drug Education’s Facts for Employers