Where can you get forensic DNA testing services? At your local Cabot Lab
Forensic DNA testing may be the most appropriate testing method if the specimens that will be tested are unusual; contain a very small amount of biological material; or may be degraded due to contamination, poor storage or age. Whether you are an individual or legal professional, Cabot Lab can handle your forensic DNA testing needs. Forensic DNA testing is commonly used in situations such as:
Infidelity, including semen detection and/or DNA comparison to reference samples
Fraud investigations, such as determining the driver of a vehicle involved in an accident when in dispute;
Retesting evidence in a legal case;
Comparing blood, urine or other biological samples used in DWI or medical tests to a known reference sample for confirmation;
Sexual assault or statutory rape that results in pregnancy or to identify a suspect;
Suspected date rape;
Identifying human remains.
Cabot Lab also provides forensic toxicology testing services, including second analysis of blood collected in DWI and DUI cases and identification of unknown substances or unknown poisons and toxins.
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