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Do you have your updated required lab test results on file with the State Athletic Commission? If not and your expiration date is closing in, then now is the time to contact cabot Lab.

Fighting is in Your Blood. We Make Sure Nothing Else Is. Cabot Lab is The Lab Testing Provider for MMA and other Combative Sport Fighters.
Cabot Lab understands your next fight is just around the corner, and that you need results fast. To keep you in the ring, we offer a comprehensive Fighter Panel.
Other tests you might be interested in to Take Control Of Your Health® include:
Testosterone (Free and Total)
Micronutrient Test
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
Cholesterol Tests, such as C-Reactive Protein and Lipoprotein (a)
Heart Health Panel
STD Tests
Growth Hormone Panel
Pregnancy Tests for Female Fighters
And More!
You move quick, and so do we, with many test results delivered in only 24 – 72 hours. HIV tests may take longer if additional testing is required. With your written consent and your State Athletic Commission’s contact information, we’ll even fax your test results to their designated representative or other authorized party for you. Just print our Fighter Panel Lab Requisition Form below, complete and walk into our location.
Work-friendly hours, including Saturdays
We accept your physician’s order, or will provide a doctor’s order for you
No appointment necessary
No insurance necessary
No long wait – you are generally in and out in 15 minutes or less
Located where you live, workout and fight
Whether you compete professionally or at an amateur level, fighting is in your blood. So are diseases that may impact your performance, your ability to qualify to compete, or simply to Take Control of Your Health®. Call us today or schedule an appointment online – we’re ready to help you get prepared for your next fight.