buy generic Keppra TEEN DRUG TESTING

Do you think your child has gotten involved with the wrong group of friends? Do you suspect your teen is being pressured to use drugs? Give them a reason to say “No”.


Drug testing your teen is one of the most difficult decisions a parent can make. A parent’s biggest concern is that they will violate the trusting relationship they have with their child.
Do you look at their report cards and attend parent-teacher conferences, or just trust that they’re getting all “A”s?
Do you check that they’re home by curfew, or just take their word for it?
Children need boundaries and they need to know that you care enough to maintain them. The point of drug testing your teen is not to catch them using drugs, but to deter them from using drugs, especially if you suspect they are experimenting with drugs or your child is hanging around with the wrong crowd. Let them know that this is your way of helping them with peer pressure. They can let their friends know that they get drug tested at home… so “NO”… they can’t try it just this once.
Cabot Lab has created an eBook for parents to help you understand trends in street drugs, most commonly abused drugs, as well as signs and symptoms. In addition, contact us to help you with one of our teen drug testing options, including:
Rapid drug screens for when you need to know now
Lab-based drug screens and confirmations of drug screens for your assurance, including but not limited to Marijuana, Prescription Medications, Cocaine and Synthetic designer drugs like K2, Spice and Bath Salts
Drug tests for different detection periods
Additional tests are available for:
Alcohol Use
Tobacco Use
Unknown substances suspected of being drugs
Dextromethorphan (DXM) abuse
Raising teenagers is a hard job. Let Cabot Lab make it easy for you to Trust, But Verify.
Ask us about our outreach programs for schools, PTAs and community associations, and learn more about our involvement as a local partner in The Medicine Abuse Project. Do you need help talking to your teen? Start with the Partnership at’s parent toolkit for assistance on how to have that hard conversation, or call their Parents Toll-Free Helpline, 855-DRUGFREE.