Cabot Lab is an alternative lab testing provider for those who are conscious about the cost of their lab tests due to high deductible insurance, their health savings accounts or have elected to be uninsured. We fill the hole of being able to provide lab tests that you, as their physician, may want to order but the tests are no longer covered through insurance in compliance with the Affordable Care Act. Affordability is the key to follow-through by the patient. Patients have a safe, reliable source with us and with our accredited and/or certified laboratory testing partners. We can assist you in the diagnostic process, as we offer thousands of lab tests that will fit into patients’ healthcare budget.

click reference Filling Holes in Healthcare

There are apparent holes in healthcare, and by working together; we can help to fill some of those holes with affordable lab testing. Our transparent and consistent pricing will help your patient feel comfortable getting tests and knowing what they will pay up front.

Why partner with Cabot Lab Services:

  • We partner with nationally accredited full service laboratories
  • Simple and convenient for you and your patient, no hidden fees
  • Lab prices are deeply discounted for your patient
  • Results submitted directly to your office
  • Dedicated to helping your patients own their health
  • Thanks to Cabot Lab, your patient’s can enjoy the ease and convenience of affordable lab testing
  • Open 6 days a week, work friendly hours
  • Most results 24-48 hours