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Cabot Lab. Independent. Client-focused.

Created to serve all of Texas

Our PCR-based infectious disease lab was founded in 2017 as an independent entity. This enables agility and flexibility in how we work with our clients. Our results are fast and cover more pathogens to best inform the crucial clinical decisions you make daily. 

Serving medical professionals across the state; we are headquartered in the Dallas/Ft. Worth under the lab direction of Lab Director Dr. Pejman Rahimian. 

How we benefit you and your patients

Faster turnaround

Rapid turnaround and accurate detection of antimicrobial resistance genes contributes to antimicrobial stewardship efforts and reduces unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions. PCR testing allows us to provide results 24 hours from receipt of samples compared to culture testing which has an average time of 3-14 days.

Greater accuracy

Highly sensitive and specific PCR assays detect as few as one cell of the organism in samples.

Personalized, white glove service

Innovative assay validation and smart reporting algorithms differentiate colonization from infection and suggest the best treatment options. Results are always available through our secure Provider Portal.

Outstanding identification

Precise detection and enumeration of organisms involved in polymicrobial infections that would be extremely challenging to perform in a traditional microbiology culture.

Superior collection

Our clinically viable collection methodology and clinically significant assays test for pathogens and antibiotic resistance genes with highly accurate detection.

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